Personal Card Message

Not getting any ideas on what should write on the message card?
We'll recommend some of it for your reference.


  • 我没有太多的甜言蜜语, 只有一颗永远爱你的心。结婚周年快乐!

  • 感谢一路上有你,陪我欢喜陪我忧,纪念日快乐!

  • Happy Anniversary, Babe. I love you more every year!

  • Marrying you was the smartest thing I ever did. Happy Anniversary!

  • Thank you for being there for me always. Happy anniversary darling!


  • 天大地大, 今天你最大! 生日快乐!

  • 愿所有的快乐、幸福、好运都围绕在你身边。生日快乐!

  • This day is all yours — have fun!

  • Enjoy your special day.

  • The world is so lucky to have you in it. Happy Birthday!



  • With deepest condolences.

  • 永在怀念中

  • Sending you some comfort in this time of sorrow.

  • Our warmest condolences.

  • May the flowers fill your heart with warm sympathy.

Father / Mother

  • 亲爱的爸爸/妈妈, 谢谢一直以来对我/我们的照顾,我爱您!

  • 愿你们一直像现在这样健健康康,幸福快乐直到永远。

  • Just want to say I love you, Dad/Mom.

  • Thank you for being there every day with love and guidance.

  • I’m so proud to be your daughter/son.

  • I’m not perfect for you, but I do think you’re the perfect dad/mom for me.

Get Well Soon

  • 祝你早日康复!

  • 祝你健康早恢复,快乐伴你行!

  • Have a speedy recovery!

  • Use your superpowers and get well soon!

  • Best wishes that you will soon be back to doing all the things you love.

  • Don't think it as a hospital stay. Think it as a spa package that includes meals and regular health evaluations.


  • 恭喜毕业!送你一束希望与梦想!

  • 愿毕业后的你,鹏程万里 一帆风顺。

  • Congratulations and best wishes for a successful future.

  • You did it! Congrats!

  • Caps off to you, Graduate! Well done!

Grand Opening

  • 开张大吉,生意火红

  • 客似云来,步步高升

  • 生意兴隆,骏业宏开

  • 生意兴隆通四海,财源茂盛达三江

  • Congratulations on your Grand Opening!

  • Heartiest congratulations on your new business!

  • Wish your new business success and prosper in years to come.

Job Promotion 

  • 祝你在官场上如鱼得水,步步高升!

  • 祝你在新的职位上再创辉煌。

  • Congratulations on your well-deserved promotion! 

  • All your hard work, dedications deserve this achievement!

  • May your career keeps rolling on and create more prosperous story in your life.

New Born Baby

  • 喜得贵子,前来贺喜,合家欢乐!

  • 祝小宝贝身体健康,茁壮成长,平安快乐!

  • Welcome the little adorable baby to the world!

  • You two are going to make such amazing parents!

  • So happy for you two! That’s going to be one lucky baby!


  • 愿你退休的生活更加丰富多彩,身体健康。

  • 感谢您的付出,祝福您开启退休生活的另一篇乐章。

  • Relax and enjoy your retirement.

  • Best wishes on your next adventure!

  • Hope the future is as happy as you dreamed it would be.

  • Retired doesn’t mean you stop taking coffee breaks. Be sure to schedule me in!


  • 特别的花,献给对我而言特别的你。

  • 不是因为寂寞才想你,而是因为想你才寂寞。

  • 谢谢你,让我感受到至少对某个人来说,我是有意义的存在。我爱你!

  • Thank you for always being my rainbow after the storm.

  • I don’t want to set the world on fire I just want to start a flame in your heart.

  • You’re perfect for me. I love you.

  • There’s no one I’d rather be with than you.

  • My world has changed for the better since I met you.

  • I never dreamed love could be this good.


  • 祝你们永结同心,百年好合!新婚愉快,甜甜蜜蜜!

  • 在喜结良缘的日子里,祝福你俩幸福美满,永寿偕老!

  • Wishing you love and happiness on your wedding day.

  • Congrats on begin your new chapter of life together.

  • Best wishes on a long, happy marriage!